Firewood, Kiln Dried Logs, and Kindling for Stoke on Trent

As part of the Oakleys Farm Group we supply Firewood, Kiln Dried logs, Solid Fuel and kindling throughout Cheadle, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

From woodland through to kilns we manage the process at our farm. We deliver all types of Firewood within a 25 mile radius of our yard at Cheadle, or you can pick up direct.

Deliveries are usually within 24-48 hours. We have options to loose tip, bulk bag deliveries and also collection orders.

We pride ourselves on returning customers and outstanding feedback! Once you go kiln dried you don’t go back! 

All premium quality hardwood. We source Oak, Ash, and Birch as a majority. These are the premium hard woods for firewood and burning purposes, and are ideal for use as log burner fuel, in firepits and chimineas, and more. 

Why our Kiln Dried Logs are better

  • 100% Ready to Burn assured British Hardwood Firewood and logs
  • Our Logs give the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output
  • They won’t damage your flue lining
  • One of our Kiln Dried Logs is the equivalent of 2 seasoned logs

Why are Kiln Dried Logs better than seasoned logs?

When buying seasoned firewood or logs, you have to take the processors word that they’re “seasoned”, which is an ambiguous term which unfortunately means very little. They could have air-dried for 6 months or 3 years, and you’ll never know unless you test the logs yourself with a moisture meter before purchasing. This would  include splitting the logs and checking the internal moisture content, which can differ far greatly in seasoned logs due to the nature of traditonial air-dried logs; they don’t release their internal moisture as easily as when Kiln Dried, and logs that measure 20% on the outside could be 40% and wet on the inside.

Kiln Dried Logs are exactly as they sound. We dry the logs thoroughly in a fired Kiln under controlled conditions. This removes all moisture from the logs and ensures a good burn on the logs. In this way, you can be sure you are getting the most efficient logs and firewood which will release the maximum heat for their size.  Our logs come in net bags, bulk loads, and tipper loads

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